Tea has always been a healthy choice for many. In Recent years, new forms of tea drinks has sprouted across the world.

We are a bunch of tea lovers staying in UAE for almost a decade. Realizing healthy good-tasting tea drinks are barely seen in UAE, we knew we had to start something.

  • In early 2019, a small team of highly-experienced tea makers started making experiments and tasting events in Dubai.
  • In 2020, when all the tasting results came out, we decided it was time. We opened our 1st outlet in Ibn Battuta Mall. Complimented by our lovely customers, we continued our journey to push LATEA to cover more grounds.

Today, we have now 8 Latea outlets and 1 popup store, and more in planning.

Our Vision

Tea drinks re-invented with inspiration

LATEA has always adhered to high quality requirements for its products. What we want to share with customers is the authentic taste of tea.

Based on that, we developed a series of tea drinks with combination of fresh fruits and cheese.

A cosy stop to spend time with friends

Our outlets with minimalism design are made to be cosy and chilled. They are designed that way to cater to consumers' need to spend a good time with friends and families.